Schoolsearch offers a quiet, intimate, supportive environment for children taking all levels of the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) test as well as the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Text) flex test.

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Entrance Exam Testing for ISEE and SSAT offered at Schoolsearch

Both day and boarding schools require students applying for the fifth through twelfth grades to take an entrance exam.

In the Boston area, students applying for a placement in grades five through eight usually take the ISEE. Schoolsearch offers this three-hour exam in a small group setting frequently throughout the school year. There are three testing windows and students can take the ISEE one time in each window regardless of where the test is taken. The testing windows are as follows: 8/1 – 11/30, 12/1- 3/31, and 4/1 – 7/31.

Students must register on the ERB website and can search open dates here: iseeonline.erblearn.org/search. Our site code is 222736. 

For students applying for a placement in grades nine through twelve, the SSAT (Secondary School Academic Test) is often required although some schools do accept the Upper Level ISEE as well. These exams also run for three-hours, and, like the ISEE, Schoolsearch offers them in small group settings frequently throughout the school year.

For the SSAT, Schoolsearch charges an administration fee in addition to the SSAT registration fee. To register, you will need a date-specific access code provided by Schoolsearch. For further information please contact our office by emailing debbie@schoolsearchers.com or calling 781-455-1452.

ALL students who qualify for testing with accommodations must apply for accommodations before registering for either test.

For the ISEE, please visit erblearn.org/parents/accommodations-isee
For the SSAT, please visit ssat.org/about-ssat/testing-accommodations