Choosing the right school is a time of reflection for the entire family when you work as a unit to promote your child’s interests, passions, and needs. With the guidance of Schoolsearch, this process can be enjoyable, exciting, interesting, and most im­portantly, rewarding. Schoolsearch is an educational consulting firm that helps parents find the best schools to meet the unique needs and expectations of their child. We also work with college-level students in selecting schools that meet their individual needs. As an educational consultant, Debbie Seresky is responsible for guiding you through this process and ease the stress that often occurs when parents and students cannot differentiate among school choices. Not only will Debbie help you understand the pro­cess, but she will also provide you with direction so you and your family will not waste time and energy visiting the wrong institutions.


Debbie Seresky, a graduate from The University of Rochester and an experi­enced educational consultant, has been working with Schoolsearch since 2005. She enjoys working with students and their families to help personalize the pro­cess of choosing and applying to independent schools and colleges, a process that can be either a time of discovery, self-affirmation, and growth, or a time of tremendous stress and insecurity. A parent of three children, Debbie understands firsthand the importance of looking at each child’s strengths and goals to assess which educational environments will be most beneficial.

Debbie treats each child as a true individual to determine a good fit for her cli­ents. She maintains and continues to develop the child’s self-esteem and confi­dence by breaking down the overwhelming private school and college process into manageable tasks, and by helping to reduce stress, manage deadlines, and make the whole process easier and more successful.

Debbie also is responsible for scheduling and administering all ISEE and SSAT tests. She is as flexible as possible in accommodating the students she tests.

Debbie successfully completed the IECA’s Summer Training Institute for educa­tional consultants, attended the UC Irvine Independent Educational Consultant Certificate Program, and participates in ongoing professional enrichment opportu­nities. She conducts school and college visits on a regular basis to stay current with the trends.

Debbie is the daughter of Midge Lipkin, who was an independent educational consultant for over 45 years. Midge was very well-known in her field and helped so many students through her years as a consultant. Debbie was very fortunate to have her mother as her mentor and business partner for the last 10 years. Her three grown children attended Bos­ton area independent schools and have all graduated from college.

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Preparing your son or daughter for the future starts with choosing an appropriate academic setting. Private schools and colleges represent a significant financial investment, which is why finding the right school to help your child maximize his or her potential, both academi­cally and socially, is one of the most important decisions you will make.

The process for applying to preschools is unique. In order to present you with an appropri­ate list of schools, it is essential that we fully understand your academic and social needs and desire as well as the location of the schools you are considering. To expedite this pro­cess, you should bring with you for our first meeting pertinent material so that we will fully understand your child’s needs and your expectations. We will discuss with you the philoso­phy of each school, their mission, and help you match the appropriate placement.

  • Compiling a list of schools to match the family’s philosophy
  • Help with understanding the admission process – school visits and applications
  • Develop a time-line

Private Day Schools
When selecting an appropriate school for your child, numerous factors must be exam­ined. This procedure often includes the entire family and must be fully understood. De­termining your child’s needs, passions, desires, and skills is the first step in understanding the proper placement for your child. There is no reason for this experience to be filled with anxiety. To take the pressure off the entire family our process involves:

  • Compiling a detailed intake of student’s educational background
  • Determining the needs of both child and family
  • Discussing the philosophy of each school you are considering
  • Matching schools to your child’s interests and talents
  • Developing a list of appropriate schools
  • Setting the timeline
  • Assisting with applications and essays for students and parents
  • Advising on standardized testing process
  • Preparing for school visits and interviews
  • Reviewing school visitations
  • Following-up with admission officers
  • Acting as a liaison between school and family

Boarding Schools
Many families who believe in a private education for their middle and high school students are turning to boarding schools for their answers. The advantages that this experience brings to a student and a family can be significant. Schoolsearch will outline the differenc­es between boarding and day schools, examining the pros and cons for each individual family. The process is similar to applying to independent day schools, although there are specific differences that must be discussed. This process involves:

  • Meeting to review previous academic reports in detail
  • Determining the needs of both child and family
  • Selecting a list of schools that meet the student’s needs, passions, and desires
  • Understanding of the philosophy of each boarding school you are considering
  • Determining a time line for the student’s admissions process
  • Advising on standardized testing process, interview techniques and essay writing
  • Following the student from the initial visit to his/her final decision
  • Communicating with admissions personnel at schools being considered


Learning Differences Schools
Although many private day and boarding schools have services for students with learning differences or cognitive challenges, some students need a more intense and supportive environment. These students might struggle with learning differences, executive function deficits, ADD/ADHD-attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity or Asperger’s Syndrome. It is important for each family to understand the services that special needs schools offer in comparison to the services that public or independent schools offer. Schoolsearch will help you clarify this information.

To assist each family with this infor­mation, the process includes:
• Determining the needs of both child and family

  • Understanding of the philosophy of each school being considered
  • Understanding the admission process and determining an appropriate time line
  • Reviewing all previous educational and psychological evaluations
  • Performing additional diagnostic testing (if needed)
  • Assisting with interview preparation, essay and application completion
  • Following the student from the initial visit to his/her final decision
  • Communicating with admission personnel as needed.


Schoolsearch offers a quiet, intimate, supportive environment for children taking all levels of the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) test as well as the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Text) flex test.

Entrance Exam Testing for ISEE and SSAT offered at Schoolsearch

Both day and boarding schools require students applying for the fifth through twelfth grades to take an entrance exam.

In the Boston area, students applying for a placement in grades five through eight usually take the ISEE. Schoolsearch offers this three-hour exam in a small group setting frequently throughout the school year. There are three testing windows and students can take the ISEE one time in each window regardless of where the test is taken. The testing windows are as follows: 8/1 – 11/30, 12/1- 3/31, and 4/1 – 7/31.

Students must register on the ERB website and can search open dates here: Our site code is 222736. 

For students applying for a placement in grades nine through twelve, the SSAT (Secondary School Academic Test) is often required although some schools do accept the Upper Level ISEE as well. These exams also run for three-hours, and, like the ISEE, Schoolsearch offers them in small group settings frequently throughout the school year.

For the SSAT, Schoolsearch charges an administration fee in addition to the SSAT registration fee. To register, you will need a date-specific access code provided by Schoolsearch. For further information please contact our office by emailing or calling 781-455-1452.

ALL students who qualify for testing with accommodations must apply for accommodations before registering for either test.

For the ISEE, please visit
For the SSAT, please visit


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