A very exciting time in a student’s life is when she/he approaches the college experience. There is no reason for a student and the family to be anxious during this process, for this is a time for discovery and a time to look forward to a new and adventurous chapter in a stu­dent’s life as the planning of career goals begins. By eliminating the pressures and anxieties that often accompany this process, we will turn this into an exciting and gratifying experi­ence. To begin the process, we will look carefully at accom­plishments to date, and helps construct a road map for future goals, desires and expecta­tions.

The Schoolsearch college process includes:
• Detailing a student’s high school academic, social, and emotional experience
• Reviewing all previous academic records and evaluations
• Establishing a list of appropriate colleges and universities
• Setting and enforcing time lines and discussing test requirements/strategies
• Tracking material so deadlines will be met
• Discussing campus visitations
• Preparing for interviews
• Guiding the essay and application process
– Brainstorming topics
– Coaching through the editing process
• Meeting regularly with student throughout the process with frequent parent updates
• Determining career options and suitable majors